What to Expect With EmSculpt For Abdominal Sculpting  IN GOODYEAR & PHOENIX, AZ

Posted by Dr. Reza Rod in Body, on May 23rd 2024

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What to Expect With EmSculpt For Abdominal Sculpting 

Are you looking to carve out a more defined midsection without hours spent at the gym? EmSculpt is a revolutionary non-invasive procedure designed to sculpt and tone abdominal muscles. 

Who is EmSculpt For?  

Anyone who is struggling to strengthen their abdominal muscles and reduce fat can consider EmSculpt treatments. For many individuals, exercise and a proper diet are not enough alone to see results—EmSculpt can help you get past that last hump, seamlessly complimenting your lifestyle and workout routines without surgical intervention.  

The EmSculpt Process 

During an EmSculpt session, high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology stimulates muscle contractions. These contractions require no effort on the patient’s part and yet are equivalent to thousands of crunches or squats in a single session. The electromagnetic energy induces muscle growth and strengthens the abdominal area so that patients can enjoy effortless definition and tone. 


EmSculpt sessions last 30 minutes per area. If a patient chooses to use the EmSculpt device along multiple areas of the body, they will require a longer session. 

The best results require multiple sessions spaced equally apart. The optimal number of sessions is four to six EmSculpt treatments, spaced between seven and ten days.  


Many patients report noticeable improvements in muscle definition and tone after just a few EmSculpt sessions—on average patients see around a 20% increase in muscle building about two to four weeks after their final EmSculpt procedure. Over time, as treated muscles continue to strengthen and grow, results become increasingly pronounced. 


One of the key benefits of EmSculpt is minimal downtime. Following each session, patients may experience mild muscle soreness similar to that of an intense workout, but this typically resolves within a few days. For this reason, patients do not need extensive downtime and can resume their regular activities immediately after treatment. The lack of recovery makes EmSculpt a convenient option for individuals with busy lifestyles. 

What Makes EmSculpt Different 

EmSculpt is the only fat removal procedure of its kind. Unlike traditional methods such as liposuction, which primarily targets fat cells, EmSculpt addresses both muscle and fat. By doing so, EmSculpt is the only procedure to not just reduce fat, but help patients rebuild themselves stronger than before.  

EmSculpt vs. EmSculpt NEO 

EmSculpt NEO combines high-intensity focused electromagnetic technology with radiofrequency energy to simultaneously build muscle and reduce fat. This innovative approach delivers even more dramatic results than its predecessor which makes it an excellent option for comprehensive abdominal sculpting. 

Where to Seek EmSculpt Treatment in Goodyear, AZ 

If you’re considering EmSculpt for abdominal sculpting in Goodyear, AZ, Dr. Reza Rod at DermaCare Plastic Surgery offers expert care and innovative treatments. With a commitment to delivering natural-looking results tailored to each patient’s unique needs, Dr. Rod combines artistry with advanced techniques. Schedule a consultation at DermaCare Plastic Surgery today to learn more about EmSculpt and discover how you can achieve the sculpted abdomen you desire.