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What is Laser Genesis™?

Laser Genesis is a noninvasive laser treatment for rejuvenating the skin. It uses Nd: YAG laser technology to penetrate the skin effectively without damaging the outer layer, resulting in deep skin rejuvenation.

This treatment’s primary use is to fade scarring, redness, and broken blood vessels and improve the appearance of rosacea. However, it can also reduce the look of fine lines, wrinkles, and dark spots.

Laser Genesis™ Candidates

Healthy individuals who wish to combat the appearance of fine lines or redness in their skin can benefit from Laser Genesis. However, pregnant or nursing women or those taking antibiotics or other photosensitizing medications should not undergo this treatment. To learn more about your candidacy, please contact Dermacare Plastic Surgery today to schedule a consultation.

Dr. Reza Rod

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Reza Rod, of Phoenix, Arizona, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with two decades of experience and training in enhancing natural beauty with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. His accolades include being honored as a “Top Doctor” on Real Self and being hand-selected for a fellowship at the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he received rigorous plastic surgeon training. Dr. Rod is passionate about helping patients make their appearance reflect their spirit and has made breast augmentation a primary focus of his practice. He believes in combining highly technical skills with meticulous attention to detail to achieve natural-looking breast enhancement results that fit his patient’s personal goals and aesthetic ideals. 

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Benefits of Laser Genesis™

Collagen Stimulation

This treatment enhances collagen production through cutting-edge laser technology for smoother, firmer skin over time.

Redness Reduction

Laser Genesis effectively reduces and diffuses facial redness and rosacea.

Improved Skin Texture

This treatment helps to improve skin texture, resulting in smoother and more even skin.

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At Dermacare Plastic Surgery, our experienced estheticians are dedicated to providing you with the highest level of care and attention. Our skilled estheticians will work with you to create a customized treatment plan that addresses your specific skin concerns and goals.

To schedule a Laser Genesis consultation, please contact Dermacare Plastic Surgery in Phoenix, AZ, today. We are also proud to serve Goodyear, Chandler, Tempe, Scottsdale, and surrounding areas.


Dr. Rod did an amazing job repairing my torn ear lobe. The procedure and follow-up appointments were above my expectations. I can now wear earrings again!

Staff is amazing and Dr. Rod is the best. Highly recommended.

Dr Rod is very thoughtful and great communication in explaining process and results. All staff is nice too. Never felt like anyone was trying to sell me something. They helped me define what I was looking for and what results would be. Trustworthy.

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