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What is a Breast Lift? 

As women age, their breasts will mature; naturally changing their appearance in shape, size, and firmness. There are a multitude of factors besides the natural aging process that play into why women’s breasts change over time. A few of those reasons may be due to extreme weight loss/gain, pregnancy/breastfeeding or hormonal changes. While these changes may not present themselves overnight, it can greatly impact a women’s self-confidence.  

A mastopexy, commonly known as a breast-lift, addresses the natural breast tissue that has fallen as well as the nipples that have fallen below the inframammary fold. The breast lift will help to re-shape the patient’s natural breast tissue by removing excess skin, tightening the surrounding breast tissue, and placing the nipple in the anatomically correct position. 

Breast Lift Candidates  

If you feel as though you would benefit from a breast lift, we highly recommend that you get scheduled for a free in person consultation to meet with our surgeon. This consultation will determine if you are an appropriate candidate for this specific surgery. During this consultation Dr. Rod will review your health history and confirm that a breast lift will provide the results you desire. 

Dr. Reza Rod

Board-Certified Plastic Surgeon


Dr. Reza Rod, of Phoenix, Arizona, is a board-certified plastic surgeon with two decades of experience and training in enhancing natural beauty with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. His accolades include being honored as a “Top Doctor” on Real Self and being hand-selected for a fellowship at the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he received rigorous plastic surgeon training. Dr. Rod is passionate about helping patients make their appearance reflect their spirit and has made breast augmentation a primary focus of his practice. He believes in combining highly technical skills with meticulous attention to detail to achieve natural-looking breast enhancement results that fit his patient’s personal goals and aesthetic ideals. 

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What will happen if I select Dr. Rod as my plastic surgeon?

If you and Dr. Rod mutually agree that it’s best to move forward with a plastic surgery procedure to lift your breasts, several things will take place. You’ll select a surgery date and schedule a preoperative appointment. Dr. Rod’s team will also schedule your postoperative follow-ups, which are important for you to keep so he can monitor your recovery process.

What causes sagging breasts?

The breasts are like the rest of your body; they can begin to sag as you age. The breast tissue begins to stretch and becomes weaker with time. All of this is a normal process after experiencing things like childbirth, weight gain, or weight loss. Even genetics can take a toll on your breasts. Breast lift surgery does not significantly change the size of your breasts or round out the upper part of your breasts. If you are looking to obtain fuller breasts, consider breast augmentation surgery. If you are looking to have smaller breasts, consider combining a breast lift with breast reduction surgery. Certain unique factors such as the extent of drooping or sagging, amount of excess skin, skin elasticity, current and desired breast size, nipple position, and physician preference will influence the type of mastopexy that can be performed.

What will my surgery day be like?

When the big day finally arrives, you’ll come to the surgical center having fasted at least 12 hours. Fasting is important because you’ll be receiving general anesthesia for your surgery, and it is advised that you have an empty stomach. Initially, you’ll be called back to a surgical prep room where a team of medical professionals will prepare you for your surgery, including having you change into your surgical gown and monitoring your vital signs. When the time has come, you’ll walk back to the operating room where Dr. Rod will greet you. In the OR, you’ll be placed under general anesthesia so that Dr. Rod can begin the procedure. The exact length of your procedure will depend on your degree of breast sagging and the specific surgical techniques Dr. Rod will employ. After your initial consultation, you should have a better idea of how long Dr. Rod expects your surgery to last. Once the procedure is complete, you’ll be transferred to a recovery room where you will awaken from general anesthesia and be cared for by a team of postoperative medical professionals. Once they’ve determined it’s safe for you to go home, you’ll be released into the care of a friend or family member who will need to drive you back to your home for further rest and recovery.

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Upon arriving at Dr. Rod’s office, you’ll find the atmosphere and staff are nothing short of welcoming and accepting.

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To find out if a breast lift is the right plastic surgery procedure for you, contact the professionals at Dermacare in Phoenix at (623) 535-7050 today. Dermacare’s board-certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Rod, will help you make the right decision for your body. 

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Is A Breast Lift or Breast Augmentation Right for Me? 

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Dr. Rod did an amazing job repairing my torn ear lobe. The procedure and follow-up appointments were above my expectations. I can now wear earrings again!

Dr Rod is a very skilled surgeon. After losing more than half my body weight, I had several different procedures done. A lot of extra skin removal and reconstruction. My results were fantastic! His staff is so friendly and pleasant to work with. His nurse Julie is incredibly kind and helpful. I highly recommend this place.

This office is amazing. I've been here a handful of times and the staff is great, the office is clean and welcoming. The staff make the experience wonderful. They will answer all your questions.

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