How Long Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last? IN GOODYEAR & PHOENIX, AZ

Posted by Dr. Reza Rod in Body, on June 17th 2024

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How Long Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

Every year, Dr. Rod sees men and women from all over Phoenix who want more voluptuous buttocks. After all, it is the bottom half of that oh-so-desirable hourglass shape. Often, Brazilian butt lift patients do everything they can to naturally increase the size of their bottom, with no luck. The unfortunate truth is that many people are not genetically predisposed for a full, round bottom.

During initial Brazilian butt lift consultations with Dr. Rod, patients often ask him how long they can expect their results to last. This is a great question! After all, the longer the results last, the better! Keep reading as we discuss a bit more about Brazilian butt lift and what you can expect from your results.

Brazilian Butt Lift

Brazilian butt lifts are rushing up the ranks of the most popular plastic surgery procedures in America. With the advancements in techniques, this procedure is more effective and safer than ever before. To perform a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Rod uses fat from his Phoenix patient’s own body to add volume and lift the bottom. In order to harvest the fat, each patient identifies areas on their body that they’d like to see a bit more contour. Dr. Rod will then perform liposuction in those areas. The fat that is removed from this other area is then processed. Dr. Rod then injects the purified fat strategically into the buttocks to achieve a more desirable shape.

How Long Will My Brazilian Butt Lift Results Last?

Dr. Rod and his team understand that every patient wants to experience long-lasting results from their plastic surgery procedure. You’ll be happy to hear that Brazilian butt lift results are permanent for most patients in Phoenix. As long as you follow Dr. Rod’s clear post-op instructions to a “T,” you can expect 60%-80% fat cell retention. However, there are some important factors that will also determine the success of your Brazilian butt lift results, including:

Your Cooperation

Every patient of Dr. Rod’s should be sure to carefully follow his post-op instructions after having their Brazilian butt lift surgery. This also includes keeping your follow up appointments at his Phoenix office.

Extreme Weight Fluctuations

If patients experience extreme weight fluctuations after their procedure, their weight will naturally fluctuate in the buttocks as well. It’s important to maintain a stable weight in order to keep your Brazilian butt lift results.

Patient Qualifications

Unfortunately, not every patient that Dr. Rod meets with will be considered a good candidate for a Brazilian butt lift. During your initial consultation, Dr. Rod will be sure you have adequate fat supply that can be transferred to your buttocks. Your overall health history and lifestyle will also be considered as part of your eligibility.

Tobacco Use

Patients who smoke or use other tobacco products are at a greater risk of losing their Brazilian butt lift results than those who do not use tobacco products. Tobacco restricts blood vessels, and after a butt lift your newly transferred fat cells will need all the oxygen and blood flow that they can get in order to attach to existing fat cells. To be sure you enjoy your results as long as possible, kick your tobacco habit.

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Before you meet with Dr. Rod in his Phoenix office, it will be impossible for you to fully understand whether or not Brazilian butt lift is right for you, and what you can expect from the longevity of your results. To get started on your journey to a perfect silhouette, call our office today at (623) 535-7050.