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As a person ages, their face undergoes noticeable changes. They may see more wrinkles or sagging skin, which can detract from their appearance. Dr. Rod offers facelifts to his Phoenix-area patients to reverse the signs of aging and help a person feel and look younger.

Facelift in Arizona

Dr. Rod, a board-certified plastic surgeon, is a leading provider of facelift (rhytidectomy) procedures in Phoenix and takes pride in his artistic skill, helping countless patients reduce signs of facial aging by 10 to 15 years through advanced facial rejuvenation techniques.
Facelift plastic surgery is a highly sought-after cosmetic surgery with the ability to boost your self-image and rejuvenate a more youthful, bright, and well-rested facial contour.

What Are the Key Benefits of Getting a Facelift?

A facelift:
● Rejuvenates a more youthful, firm facial contour.
● Helps to reverse facial aging signs from loose skin, jowls, wrinkles, and sunken cheeks.
● Offers dramatic and natural results without a “windblown” or “tight” look (only at Dermacare).
● Is a highly customizable procedure with discrete incisions.
● Can reverse signs of aging by 10-15 years with a single treatment.
● Provides long-lasting and beautiful results.

About Facelift Procedure


Rhytidectomy, more commonly known as a “facelift” or facelift plastic surgery, is the most popular surgical procedure used to restore and refresh the youthful appearance of the lower face, including the jawline, cheeks, and neck. It is common to combine surgeries like a brow lift or eyelid surgery to enhance their facial rejuvenation results. A rhytidectomy results in a more vibrant appearance and reverses signs of facial aging like fatigued eyes, jowls, deep plane wrinkles, and excess fat or loose skin, commonly known as “turkey-gobble” neck or “double chin.” Facelift plastic surgery also contours facial areas where sagging or relaxation of aging skin has occurred due to loss of collagen and elasticity.
Facelift plastic surgery is one of the leading cosmetic procedures done by Dr. Rod at our Phoenix, AZ surgical center. It is also currently one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures nationwide for its innate ability to create aesthetically pleasing, dramatic, and natural-looking results in one session. The surgery requires the fine-tuned hands of a double board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Rod, who strives to achieve beautiful facelift results. Dr. Rod has a long-standing history of reputable work with client-desired results and has made facial enhancement surgery a primary focus of his practice. He combines the most advanced facial reconstruction and rejuvenation techniques to reverse signs of aging by 10-15 years, significantly reducing the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, and elasticity of the skin.

Meet Phoenix’s Premier Cosmetic Surgeon, Dr. Rod


Phoenix, Arizona’s, Dr. Reza Rod is a board-certified Plastic Surgeon with two decades of experience and training in enhancing natural beauty with both surgical and non-surgical techniques. His accolades include being honored as a “Top Doctor” on Real Self, and he was hand-selected for a fellowship at the world-famous Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minnesota, where he received rigorous training in plastic surgery and gained vast cosmetic experience.
Dr. Rod has a passion for helping people make their appearance reflect their spirit and has made facelift cosmetic surgery a primary focus of his practice. He believes in combining highly technical skills and detailed surgical artistry to achieve beautiful, natural-looking facelift results that fit his patient’s facial cosmetic goals.

Video: Dr. Rod explains the Facelift procedure and what to expect in recovery.

Facelift FAQs

  • Decreases Deep Wrinkles Throughout the Face

    Surgically tightening loose facial tissue in the nasolabial folds (creases from the nose) and marionette lines (creases from on the corners of the mouth) can help patients achieve a more youthful appearance by smoothing deep folds, removing sagging skin, and creating a more rested appearance.

  • Contours Deep Jowls That Take Away from a Defined Jawline

    A facelift helps to beautify the neck by removing jowls (lower part of the cheek), tightening excess skin, and contouring any excess fat in the neck area. The surgical procedure helps tighten and reinforce the muscles near the jaw to effectively sharpen the jawline and produce a more slim, contoured, and refined neck.

  • Increases Volume to Sunken Cheeks That Lead to a Hollowed Look

    A rhytidectomy can correct issues with collagen depletion and plump up small or receding cheekbones. The procedure helps to rejuvenate cheeks that look deflated or saggy due to physical changes in the natural aging process. The procedure creates a more youthful and firm appearance through lifting and tightening the deep tissues of the face.

  • Corrects Banding of the Neck

    Facelift plastic surgery can be combined with a neck lift to correct banding of the neck (loose, sagging skin, and weakened muscles that create two neckband muscles). A full facelift is generally the best procedure to pull the platysma muscles closer to the ears and remedy the sagging or banding of the neck.

  • Am I a Candidate to Get a Facelift in Phoenix?

    Facelift plastic surgery is a highly customizable, popular, and safe option to help reverse the signs of aging by 10 -15 years and enhance your facial appearance. An ideal candidate for rhytidectomy should converse in-depth with a board-certified surgeon and have a clear understanding of potential results, risks, costs, and surgical avenues for their facelift procedure. It is also important to maintain reasonable expectations about what a facelift will achieve.

  • A facelift is good for patients seeking to correct:

    ● A “double chin” or lack of jawline definition● Excess sagging or wrinkled skin● Poorly defined cheeks, sagging jowls● Lack of volume, firmness, drooping in cheeks● Marionette lines, “smile lines” on the side mouth● Decreased volume or elasticity (collagen) in facial tissues● Reduced self-confidence due to a tired-looking appearance

  • A facelift is not so good for:

    ● Patients who do not maintain realistic expectations● Patients who are amid emotional traumas● Smokers or frequent nicotine users● Patients who do not thoroughly understand the risks, benefits, or costs● Patients who are not mentally or physically fit for a facelift

  • How Old Do I have to Be to Get A Facelift?

    A facelift is unique to a patient’s facial aging process, mental and physical state, and particular areas of concern. It is important to consult with a board-certified plastic surgeon to diagnose if a rhytidectomy is the best fit for you. Since people age differently, there are no specific guidelines for how old you need to be.

  • If I’m over 60 Years Old, Am I Too Old for a Facelift?

    Not at all! As long as you are physically and mentally able to withstand the facelift surgery, your “golden years” or beyond the age of 60 are a great time to have a rhytidectomy. This period of life is increasingly being met with radiance and enthusiasm because these individuals now have the time and means to create the best version of themselves after family and work life.
    A study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) showed that there was a “statistical insignificance” in post-op complications between younger and older plastic surgery patients; both rates were low with only 0.10% difference between the younger and older groups.

  • I’ve Previously Had Facial Surgeries but I am Not Happy with The Results…

    We cannot stress enough how important it is to have your facelift procedure done by a board-certified plastic surgeon. While seldom, there are instances of patients receiving less than satisfactory care with surgeons who lack the experience to safely create beautiful, long-lasting results. Dr. Rod also specializes in secondary or “Do-Over” facelift revisions to remedy previous unsuccessful surgical manipulations or revise facelifts that have matured over time.

    Dr. Rod gives patients seeking a facelift revision special attention and would be happy to talk about your facelift correction or revision concerns in an in-depth consultation.

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Achieve a Younger-Looking You With a Facelift


Fight back against the signs of aging and look years younger with a facelift tailored to your unique needs and desires. Remove unwanted wrinkles, tighten sagging skin, and refresh your appearance with natural-looking results. Find out if a facelift is right for you!

Facelift Surgical Techniques to Consider in Arizona


Dr. Rod offers various facelift procedures to his clients depending on how dramatic the signs of facial aging are, their aesthetic goals, and particular areas of concern. The leading facelift surgical procedures are provided at Dermacare Plastic Surgery include:

“Comprehensive” or Full Facelift

A full facelift procedure is recommended for patients who show advanced signs of aging and are looking for dramatic facial rejuvenation results in one procedure. Dr. Rod will use extensive surgical techniques to reposition deeper facial tissues and remove excess fat or sagging skin. A full-face lift dramatically smooths skin, redefines wrinkles, and achieves a more elegant jawline, chin, and facial aesthetic.

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift addresses the bottom third of the face (jowls, jawline, and neck) to correct deep wrinkles and relaxed skin that causes jowls and an undefined neck. Skin and unwanted fat by the neck and jawline are surgically repositioned to create a more contoured, smooth, and refined face and jawline. It is especially effective in correcting neck banding or the “turkey gobble neck” appearance due to hereditary factors and the natural biological clock.

Mini Facelift

Many patients opt to have a mini-facelift when facial signs of aging start to occur. This procedure is less invasive and can correct mild signs of aging by removal of excess skin and fat on a smaller scale.
A mini facelift also helps to tighten loose facial muscles, creating a more firm, youthful, and rejuvenated look.

Dr. Rod strives to use only the most advanced procedural rhytidectomy techniques and will gladly go over your options for a facelift, anticipated results, and step-by-step process behind your facelift surgery in a consultation. He may also recommend an accompanying procedure such as eyelid surgery (blepharoplasty), brow lift, or fat grafting along with your facelift procedure.

Anti-Aging Treatment in Arizona

Facelift Results – Before and After

Dr. Rod has successfully completed many stunning facelift operations and takes pride in his ability to create the best version of his patients with empathetic and highly personalized care. Dermacare Plastic Surgery will give you the opportunity to explore photographs of our patients during an in-depth consultation with Dr. Rod, so you have a realistic example of your anticipated facelift results.

Dr. Rod will allow you to ask questions and provide highly personalized care to ensure you receive the facial enhancement results you deserve.

Learn More About Facelift Procedure


What Are the Costs Involved for a Facelift Surgery in Phoenix and Surrounding Area?

By and large, the price for a facelift plastic surgery in Phoenix, Arizona averages around $6,000 to $15,000 depending on the significance of the surgery. The surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, garments or supportive bandages, facility costs, antibiotics and pain medication, and medical testing costs are all considered within this price. For your convenience, our team will give you an exact price to include: the surgical fee, anesthesia, and facility costs.

Will I Have to Pay Out of Pocket for My Facelift or is it Covered by Insurance?

Any cosmetic procedure that manipulates or reshapes the normal structure of the body for the purpose of enhancing your appearance or boosting self-image will be paid out of pocket. Insurance will only cover your facelift if proof is supplied that you have a functional health issue that may only be corrected through plastic surgery.

The Consultation

Dermacare Plastic Surgery’s in-depth facelift consultation will take about 1-2 hours and ensures an open and productive dialogue between you and the surgeon. During your consultation, Dr. Rod will:

● Discuss your facelift cosmetic goals and vision in detail.
● Explore solutions to your facial concerns.
● Conduct a thorough examination.
● Create a facelift design plan and explain the process step-by-step.
● Review the best financing and procedure options for you.

Dr. Rod does his best to create a high level of comfort, joy, and excellent results for each of his patients. An in-depth consultation is the first step to ensure we follow the best course of action for you and precisely plan your facelift roadmap, explain the mechanics of your surgery, and accurately design your aesthetic ideal before performing your life-changing rhytidectomy.

Facelift Procedure Process Explained

Facelift surgery begins with the administration of sedation by one of our Board-Certified Anesthesiologists and local anesthesia by Dr. Rod at Dermacare Plastic Surgery. We guarantee that our rhytidectomy patients will have a comfortable visit and feel minimal pain or discomfort for the duration of their surgery.

During the rhytidectomy, Dr. Rod will create virtually invisible incisions around the hairline, ears, chin, and possible problem areas below the jawline. Once the incision is made, excess skin or fat along the cheeks, jowls, and jawline are then separated from underlying muscle and tissue. The remaining facial tissue is tightly repositioned and sutured into place to create a more contoured, firm, and well-rested facial structure without a “draped” or “windblown” look. The skin is then repositioned and the excess removed.

Dr. Rod has spent countless years polishing his facelift surgical techniques, helping patients rejuvenate facial volume, firmness and restore the heart-shaped face of youth in a long-lasting and natural way. His “no-skin-tension” technique allows him to perform the surgery in a way that facilitates the healing process and adequately preserves his patient’s facial enhancements results for years to come.

What should I Do in Preparation For a Facelift?

At Dermacare Plastic Surgery, we want our patients to be well-educated and adequately prepared for their life-changing facelift surgery. Dr. Rod will help you relax by explaining the rhytidectomy process in detail and answering all your pressing questions during a consultation.
Prior to your facelift, you will need to:
● Undergo a medical evaluation or lab testing.● Adjust current medications or start taking new medications.● Stop smoking well before your surgery.● Stop taking anti-inflammatory drugs or supplements which may increase bleeding.

How Long Does a Facelift Procedure Take?

Depending on your facelift surgery design, a rhytidectomy takes about 3 to 5 hours. Dr. Rod will take the time needed to achieve your aesthetic goals.

What Should I Expect in Terms of Recovery After My Facelift?

Dr. Rod will give clear instructions on preventative facelift recovery measures in your pre-op visit. A patient can play a huge role in the maintenance of their facelift results by thoroughly following Dr. Rods post-surgical instructions, which may include:
● Allow sufficient time to recover. You can be up and walking 1-2 hours after your operation.
● Wear the recommended recovery bandages.
● Apply ointment and change bandages accordingly.
● Take prescribed antibiotics or pain medications.
● Use of icepacks to reduce swelling.
● Best products and skincare routine to facilitate healing.
● Instructions for eating, sleeping, and bathing comfortably.
● Refrain from alcohol or smoking for 2 weeks.
● Expect to see full facelift results once the healing process is complete.

How Long Will the Results Last?Is There a Chance I’ll Need to Get Another Facelift in the Future?

Facelift procedures can have immediate, dramatic, and long-lasting results. Patients who have had a rhytidectomy say they feel 10 years younger and are ecstatic with their results! A facelift can last up to 10 years or more if a patient religiously follows a recommended skin routine, uses proper sun care, and maintains a healthy weight and lifestyle.

Unfortunately, it is impossible to stop time. Sutures holding the skin will never come undone, but the deeper layers of muscle and skin will continue to lose elastin and collagen. All the same, you will look younger and more vibrant post-facelift for years to come. Dr. Rod will generally see you one year after surgery and as needed thereafter.

Other Things to Consider Before Getting a Facelift

  • Are There Any Risks Involved With Getting a Facelift?

    The most common risks for a rhytidectomy include:● Potential scarring● Infection of incision area (when not properly maintained)● Initial bruising● Inflammation● Asymmetry of the face● Lingering numbness● Hematoma● Possible nerve damage
    Dr. Rod strives to perform facelifts with stunning, long-lasting, and beautiful results. With all surgical procedures, there is a possibility for complications. Dr. Rod has a long-standing history of satisfied facelift patients and consistent patient care at Dermacare Plastic Surgery, a leading provider of facial enhancement surgery in Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Should I Really Get a Facelift? Will I Really Look Good or Notice the difference?

    In 2020, facelift plastic surgery ranked as the most popular cosmetic procedure nationwide due to its ability to reverse signs of aging 10-15 years and achieve dramatic, long-lasting results in one session. Facelifts are considered “first in class” and have a 95% worth it rating on RealSelf. Patients who had a rhytidectomy said their results surpassed their expectations, and they felt like a renewed version of their younger selves.

  • How Natural Will My Results Look After a Facelift?

    Dr. Rod prides himself on attention to detail and strives to use state-of-the-art techniques to create facelift improvements that are natural-looking and long-lasting. His fine-tuned surgical techniques and affinity to beauty allow him to create stunning facelift results without the “pulled” or “draped” look created by less experienced plastic surgeons. His perfected “no-skin-tension” technique makes his incision virtually invisible, making it seem like you never had a facelift in the first place.

  • How Can a Facelift Restore My Youthful Appearance?

    In a study by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS), patients who underwent a facelift rated themselves as looking an average of 12 years younger after surgery.
    A facelift at Dermacare Plastic Surgery provides these benefits:
    ● Firms, tightens, and lifts sagging skin● Removes excess fat and plumps cheeks● Recontours the jawline and neck● Promotes a youthful, energetic, invigorated facial appearance● Improves confidence, so your inner vibrancy reflects outwardly● Reduces deep creases, ‘marionette lines’● Tightens facial muscles● Improves overall facial contour and structure

Schedule Your Consultation at Dermacare Plastic Surgery Phoenix Today!

Dr. Rod and our highly trained team at Dermacare Plastic Surgery would be happy to meet with you in person and answer all your facial cosmetic surgery questions. Our Phoenix team strives to offer the most pleasant and rewarding surgical experience possible alongside exquisite, long-lasting facial enhancement results. A one-on-one consultation brings you one step closer to a firmer, reinvigorated, and more youthful appearance that matches your inner beauty.
To find out how you can enhance your facial appearance through a facelift or facial enhancement procedure, contact Dermacare Plastic Surgery today at (623) 289-2809 to schedule a highly personalized consultation in Phoenix, Arizona today.