Who is a Candidate for Liposuction - Video with Dr. Rod

Almost everyone can have liposuction. It’s great for problem areas that are resistant to exercise. In this video, Dr. Rod explains the benefits of liposuction and who’s makes the best patient for liposuction. Let the plastic surgery experts of Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery help you make the right choice! Liposuction is ideal almost anywhere that you experience stubborn fat on your body, including: abdomen, hips, upper arms, and more.

Video: Dr. Rod answers the question of who is a candidate for liposuction?

Video Transcript:

Dr. Rod: Hello, I am Dr. Rod. I am a board certified plastic surgeon here in Goodyear, Arizona at Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery. One of the most popular operations that we do is liposuction. Almost everyone is a candidate for liposuction.

What determines quality results from liposuction

Dr. Rod: What determines the quality of the results is whether people have loose skin before the procedure. Even with loose skin, liposuction can remove the fat and create a better contour for your body especially in the hip and waste area. Folks that do not have loose skin obviously are going to get the best result, especially if you just have small trouble areas that you cannot get rid of.

Liposuction is NOT a weight loss procedure

Dr. Rod: This is not a weight loss procedure, it is a body contouring procedure. And just like it sounds, we’re suctioning the fat cells out of the body. Generally when that’s done, the fat cells are permanently done and they will not come back to that area. When folks gain weight after liposuction, the weight goes to other area preferentially, just because it’s a lot easier and more efficient for the body to make existing fat cells bigger than to make new fat cells.

Why Tickle Lipo is the best type of liposuction procedure

Dr. Rod: I have done every single kind of liposuction, from residency up until I discovered tickle liposuction. I’ve done ultrasound liposuction, laser liposuction. I find that tickle liposuction is much better than all those methods. The main difference is it is much less traumatic to the body. The reason that is because the machine that I use creates for lack of a better word, a wave around the tip of the cannula that gently teases the fat cells out versus ripping them out like with traditional liposuction. If you can imagine the surrounding tissue which we’ll call connective tissue which connects your skin down to the muscle is not traumatized, hence, your skin tends to shrink better and you get overall smoother results.

Tickle Lipo recovery is much faster than traditional liposuction

Dr. Rod: Also the recovery is much faster since there is much less trauma to the tissue and it allows me to use a much thinner cannula to get the fat out versus the traditional liposuction which uses a much thicker cannula, hence causing more trauma to the surrounding tissue.

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