Facelift Question With Dr. Rod of Dermacare Plastic Surgery

At Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery patients have face lifts throughout the year but months are more popular than others. There are many people that live in Arizona seasonally. As “snowbirds” arrive from Canada and northern states to enjoy some of the nicest weather in the country, the population in Arizona goes up. In the fall, winter, and spring there are just more people in the Arizona area so Dr. Rod performs more face lifts during this period.

There are other reasons that cause others to choose to have a face lift during this time as well. Children return to school, family holiday dinners are starting to come up, and some have vacation time that expires at the end of the year that needs to be used or lost.

Video: Dr. Rod answers when it’s a good time to have a face lift.

Weather Can Play a Role In the Decision When to Get a Face Lift

Besides the practicality of having a face lift when it’s cooler, there are other benefits. The sunlight is less intense which makes it easier to protect your healing skin from exposure. The reduced temperature allows recovering patients to cover up with bulkier clothes which attracts less attention.

Other than season and cooler weather, when it comes to a Face Lift, is there really a best time?

Unlike the body which is easier to cover up with clothes, the face is more difficult to hide bandages and healing incisions. For this reason, the recovery process is more noticeable for a longer period of time on the face than on the body. The staff at Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery helps advise you on the proper makeup techniques to help hide your scars. In addition, the sutures done with Dr. Rod are hidden in such a way that they are hard to detect and blend better into your existing anatomy than other techniques. Once you fully recover from your face lift, you’ll still look like yourself but appear younger and more rested.

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