The Body Lift is a procedure that is meant to shape and tone the body. This is especially useful to have after significant weight loss, where extra skin is a problem.

When you lose excess unwanted pounds, first of all congratulations! You worked very hard for a long time to achieve this feat, but you have probably noticed that your skin afterward can be much less firm. There is an answer to this problem. A Body Lift might be best for you to look into. Here is what you need to know about this popular procedure.

A Body Lift will improve the appearance of the surface of your skin. The goal is to make it look tight and even. It may even help you fit into clothes better. All bodies change over time. Losing elasticity is a common concern among many people after liposuction, or other serious weight loss.

Many women who have been pregnant numerous times have this issue as well. Even just one pregnancy can change your body immensely. The skin has been stretched out over time with the added weight, and immediate loss over that nine months time period. It seems like no matter what you do that skin on your stomach area isn’t what you would like it to be after you have had the baby.

A Body Lift candidate must be 25 years or older. Take care of these multiple areas of soft, sagging tissue all over your body with a treatment that targets it correctly.

Wear all those classically form-fitting clothing again once you have undergone this unique procedure. The Body Lift can even target that tough underarm area that we all have concerns with. You can also discuss with the doctor about other body contouring options that can be performed at the same time as your Body Lift. Some of those include Tickle Liposuction, Breast Augmentation, Arm Lift, Tummy Tuck, and Buttocks Lift. The more you can take care of in one easy procedure appointment the better, right? Be the new you, you’ve always wanted to be.

The way the procedure is performed is under general anesthesia in a surgical facility and does not require weeks in a hospital to recover. You’ll want to have someone with you to monitor your healing in that first 24 hours. Body Lift surgery incisions are carefully planned and placed in areas of the body to remove excess skin and promote safe and attractive contouring of the body. The stomach area is of key concern; it may be similar to a more traditional tummy tuck and you’ll love the results of your taut, firm skin. You are going to want to take it easy for a few weeks while your body heals, but you should be back to normal exercise after 6-8 weeks. Everyone is different in their recovery process, so take it slow and talk to your doctor about your limitations.

Having a healthy lifestyle to complement this procedure does help. You have gone to all the trouble to lose the weight, and get the Body Lift performed, so keep your body in total tip top shape by committing to weekly exercise, and a healthy whole foods diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean protein. You’ll find that you’ll heal quicker, and your body will look and feel its best.

Talk with your doctor today about what all the benefits the Body Lift has in store for you. Choosing a Body Lift surgeon you trust is of the utmost importance, so your results are exactly what you are looking for. Weight loss is hard work and the excess skin can make you appear larger than you are. The best part of the Body Lift is that you will finally have the shape that you want without the excess skin. Body Lift surgery can be the most rewarding part of your weight loss journey.

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