Close Up of Female With Brown Eyes Tilting Head At CameraDo you ever find that your eyes look tired, even when you aren’t? Do you look in the mirror and see sagging, drooping upper eyelids? Do those eyelids droop so low they sometimes block your field of vision? If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, Dr. Rod recommends you visit your ophthalmologist for an appointment right away. What you might be experiencing is medically known as ptosis and is also called eyelid hooding. For many men and women in the Phoenix area, eyelid hooding seems to come out of nowhere, and they don’t really notice until it becomes problematic. If your visit to the ophthalmologist results in a diagnosis of ptosis, your next call should be to Dr. Rod at Dermacare Plastic Surgery. By performing eyelid surgery, he can help restore your eyelids and vision.

Many eyelid surgery patients Dr. Rod sees are confused about how they ended up with eyelid hooding in the first place. Keep reading, and we will discuss what eyelid hooding is and what causes this frustrating condition.

Eyelid Hooding

Eyelid hooding is a condition in which the upper eyelid droops over the eye. The degree at which the eyelid droops varies from patient to patient and may just droop slightly, only causing a cosmetic frustration, or it may droop enough to cover the pupil of the eye, resulting in blocked vision. The good news is that eyelid hooding can be corrected through eyelid surgery with Dr. Rod.

How did I end up with eyelid hooding?

Eyelid hooding can happen:

 1. At Birth – Some children are born with eyelid hooding, and when this happens, it is medically called congenital ptosis and can be the result of problems with the muscle in the eyelid that lifts the eyelid. In order to correct congenital ptosis, Dr. Rod can perform eyelid surgery at Dermacare Plastic Surgery.

 2. As A Result Of Age – As we age, the muscles in the eyelid begin to weaken, and the skin begins to lose elasticity. When this happens, the muscle that lifts the eyelid no longer works effectively, leaving Phoenix men and women with sagging upper eyelids. Whether your sagging eyelids are causing vision troubles or not, Dr. Rod can perform eyelid surgery to raise your eyelids to their former, youthful position.

 3. Because Of An Injury – Some men and women in Phoenix experience eyelid hooding due to an injury on or near their eye. If you’ve been hit in the eye, the muscles in your eyelid could be damaged, resulting in eyelid hooding. Eyelid surgery can restore function and aesthetic appeal by lifting the eyelid to a natural position.

 4. Due To Nerve Damage – Another cause of eyelid hooding is nerve damage to the eye. This could be caused by another medical condition like a stroke or a brain injury. If your eyelid hooding is the result of nerve damage, Dr. Rod can provide relief by performing eyelid surgery after your primary care doctor clears you for this elective surgery.

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