Many men and women use Botox® Cosmetic to smooth out the wrinkles of the forehead. The results of injectable treatments last for approximately three months before they have to reapplied. If you desire a permanent solution to a sagging forehead, a Brow Lift may be right for you. Excessive wrinkles in the forehead can make you look tired and older than you really are. A Brow Lift targets these problems by lifting and smoothing lines, giving you a refreshed, more youthful appearance.

Typically, the most apparent sign of brow aging is the drooping or hanging of the outer third of the eyebrow. This exaggerates the wrinkling of the upper eyelid skin. The lateral brow (outer portion) usually descends more than the medial brow because that portion of the brow has no direct attachments to the forehead muscles or skull. This technique is used to lift the lateral portion of the eyebrow (up toward the temples). When combined with an eyelid lift or face lift, it dramatically reduces the appearance of age of the face.

Like the name suggests, a Full Brow Lift treats the entire forehead: eyebrow position, forehead wrinkles, or those that occur high on the bridge of the nose, and frown lines. The muscles that produce the deep vertical wrinkles in the area between the eyebrows (“the angry 11’s”) are partially removed. The result is a brow that gives a more relaxed and youthful appearance of the face.

Reza Rod, MD

Board Certified Plastic Surgeon