Female Back and Buttocks In White Lace ThongMany women in Phoenix want to have a more voluptuous rear end. After all, the curves in the lower half of a woman’s body complete that desired hourglass figure. But many women find it difficult to achieve such curves on their own – even after spending hours in the gym doing squats and lunges. So, what’s a woman to do? Well, Dr. Rod of Dermacare Plastic Surgery in Phoenix has just the solution – a Brazilian butt lift. This cosmetic procedure has provided women from all walks of life with the body shape they’ve been wanting for so long. But, before you jump into the Brazilian butt lift process, you might be wondering what the chances are that you will need a touch up after your initial surgery. That’s what we’re here to answer, so keep reading.

What Exactly Is A Brazilian Butt Lift?

During a Brazilian butt lift, Dr. Rod will use fat from another part of the body of his patient to add lift and volume to their buttocks. First, he will perform liposuction on trouble spots to harvest the fat needed for the transfer. Once he has completed the liposuction, he will then filter and purify the fat and inject it back into the butt of his patient to achieve the desired shape his Phoenix patients desire.

Brazilian Butt Lift Touch Ups

Dr. Rod understands that many people are concerned with the longevity of this cosmetic procedure. After all, no one really wants to spend money on a surgery only to be surprised with the need of a second surgery down the line. That’s why most Phoenix patients are excited to learn that the Brazilian butt lift procedure is permanent for most people if they carefully follow instructions from Dr. Rod. However, there are things that can happen that could cause the need for a touch-up, such as:

  • Following Post-Op Instructions – The greatest chance patients have of needing additional butt lift surgeries comes in the weeks and months after their initial procedure. In order to ensure you have optimal results, it is important that you follow Dr. Rod’s post-op instructions to a “T.”
  • Weight loss Or Weight Gain – If you are someone who fluctuates in their weight often, you will naturally lose, or gain weight in your behind as well. That being said, if the scale goes up or down, your overall proportions shouldn’t change much, and your body will most likely remain balanced. However, Dr. Rod recommends all of his Brazilian butt lift patients maintain a healthy diet and exercise use regime so they can ensure a lifetime with a full, round bottom.
  • Smoking Habits – If you smoke or use other tobacco products, you will run a higher risk of losing your Brazilian butt lift results. This is because tobacco causes the blood vessels in the body to restrict. In order for the transferred fat cells to “take” once injected, there needs to be a healthy blood supply to your bottom. If you smoke, the fat cells may not have enough blood to adhere to their existing “fat buddies,” and you could end up with less than desirable results – meaning you would need a touch-up procedure to get the look you want. 

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