Phoenix, AZ– As early as 2004, doctors were using Sculptra to reduce the signs of facial wasting in chronic disease such as HIV with great success. At Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery patients are using Sculptra to reduce the signs of aging without surgery. Recently, we sat down with Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Reza Rod so he could answer our questions about Sculptra Aesthetic.

Question: How can a filler make your patients look younger?

Dr. Rod: We tend to equate being thin with youth, but when it comes to the face, the opposite is true. Think of a what a baby looks like with his full, thick skin. The extra fat and tissue of the baby’s skin causes it to be smooth and soft. By the time someone is elderly, the skin becomes thin and losses its fullness. As we age, the fullness of the skin is lost which causes wrinkles and bones to appear. Few realize that fullness is the essence of youth in the face.

Question: How does it work?

Dr. Rod: Sculptra Aesthetic differs from other aesthetic injectables because it revs up your skin’s collagen production. This helps restore your skin from the inside out by increasing facial volume that has been lost over time.

Question: When will I see results?

Dr. Rod: It’s meant to be used for up to four injection sessions that are scheduled about three weeks apart. As the product takes hold the wrinkles of the face dramatically soften, and signs of aging diminish. In subsequent injections, the face appears to reverse in age. Sculptra Aesthetic increases facial fullness which makes people look dramatically more youthful. I’ve become a believer in the product and my patients have as well.

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