To treat advanced skin damage, the Hetter Peel is often a great option. Dr. Rod explains when to have a Hetter Peel procedure when planning facial surgery.

Video: Dr. Rod answers whether you should have a hetter peel before or after a facelift?

Video Transcript: Should I Have a Hetter Peel Before or After a Facelift?

Dr. Rod: I generally like to do the phenol lift after the facelift or necklift procedure, because once we remove the excess skin and rearrange the muscles underneath the face, and once the swelling goes down the fine lines can return. And that’s what the phenol or hetter peel is for, to treat those fine lines. One thing that is quite popular is doing a face and neck lift and subsequently doing a hetter peel around the mouth to help smoothen out that area and enhance the result of the face lift. The perioral hetter peel can be done at the same time as the face lift.

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