Dr. Reza Rod has performed more than 2,000 liposuction procedures over his years in practice, helping patients get fitter, firmer figures. He is also the only plastic surgeon in Arizona with training and certification in nutational infrasonic liposculpture, more commonly known as Tickle Lipo. With this advanced technology, Dr. Rod can provide Phoenix patients with a more comfortable surgical experience, a shorter recovery time, and smoother, more attractive results.

Liposuction can be both a body contouring procedure and an option for people who are trying to reduce their weight significantly:

  • For body contouring, Dr. Rod can reshape trouble-spots that don’t seem to improve regardless of how much you may diet and exercise. He can treat nearly any feature from the neck down, but the most common sites for liposuction are the abdomen, hips, and waist.
  • For weight reduction, removing a large volume of fat can decrease insulin resistance, one of the factors that may be preventing you from losing weight through other means. The surgery can also give you an overall slimmer silhouette.

Learn more about Dr. Rod’s approach to liposuction, the benefits that Tickle Lipo offers, and what to expect in your treatment with Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery.

What Is Tickle Lipo?

Through years in training and practice, Dr. Rod has developed expertise in almost every form of liposuction technology. He now exclusively uses Tickle Lipo because of the advantages it provides to his Phoenix patients.

Nearly every type of liposuction uses a surgical cannula, which is a long medical wand that suctions away fat from the areas you and your doctor have decided to treat. Tickle Lipo creates acoustic waves at the tip of a specialized cannula. These waves tease fat cells away from the connective tissue between the skin and the muscle, and the cannula suctions the fat away, removing it permanently.

Natural results you can see for yourself.

Comparing Tickle Lipo and Traditional Liposuction

Traditional liposuction relies in part on the movement of the cannula in the area where you want to get rid of fat. This movement pulls the fat loose from the connective tissue, but it also tends to damage the tissue as well.

Tickle Lipo works differently:

  • The acoustic waves from the device release fat cells more gently than with traditional liposuction. As a result, you should have less discomfort following your procedure.
  • Because Tickle Lipo doesn’t cause as much trauma, you should heal more quickly after treatment.
  • Connective tissue is part of what gives your features a tight and firm appearance. Protecting the connective tissue can help your skin shrink to your new shape after the fat is gone.

Typically, Dr. Rod’s patients in Phoenix only require local anesthesia with Tickle Lipo treatment, and following the procedure, they can get dressed and walk out independently.

Your Experience With Liposuction: From Consultation to Recovery

Your Initial Visit

Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery is a welcoming, comfortable, and modern medical practice. We support Phoenix patients with a variety of aesthetic options, from non-surgical skin care to mommy makeover procedures including tummy tuck and breast augmentation. Our staff will take the time to learn your needs and will plan treatment around your individual goals.

If you are exploring liposuction for body contouring, Dr. Rod will work with you to identify the specific features you want to target. In addition to the abdomen, hips, and waist, he also commonly treats Phoenix patients who want to eliminate fat from the arms, back, chest (for males), inner and outer thighs, and knees.

If you are considering liposuction to support weight loss, Dr. Rod can help you understand the type of improvement that is possible. In addition to removing fat from the targeted areas, you may also be a good candidate for a secondary procedure to revise excess skin.

It all starts with an experienced plastic surgeon.

The Day of Your Procedure

Following pre-surgical appointments and scheduling, you will have your liposuction procedure in an operating room at our Phoenix office. Dr. Rod usually sees one patient for liposuction in the morning and one in the afternoon so that each person in his care receives the time and attention that they deserve. Most people are done with surgery within 2.5 hours, though this will depend on the number of areas they have treated.

As part of liposuction:

  • You will receive local anesthesia and may also take an oral sedative so that you can be comfortable during the procedure.
  • Dr. Rod will introduce anesthesia into the treatment sites. Most people feel a bit of pressure but are then completely numb.
  • You will be wide awake and fully able to move and speak. Phoenix patients usually describe their experience as relaxed; our team will often talk with them or play music to help them pass the time.

Recovering From Liposuction

Liposuction is an outpatient procedure, so you will be able to leave our Phoenix offices shortly afterward. Typically, Dr. Rod likes to see patients back at Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery a week to ten days following their procedure. Patients will also schedule follow-up visits at three months and six months post-op.

The advanced nature of the Tickle Lipo technology means that patients tend to experience less discomfort in their recovery. After liposuction, some people choose to take prescription pain medication while others are comfortable enough with over-the-counter options like Tylenol®. Most people do not require pain meds after 3-5 days, unlike traditional liposuction patients, who may be on medication for up to one week.

Your return to normal activities or work will depend on the rigor of the activity and the areas that you have had treated. You can walk as much as you want before your first check-up but should not overexert yourself. Dr. Rod will assess your progress in this first post-operative appointment and tailor a recovery schedule to fit your needs. Usually, there are no restrictions after six weeks. By six months, you should see the complete benefits of treatment: fitter, firmer features, and a tighter body contour.

If you are considering liposuction, find out more about the benefits of Tickle Lipo. Schedule an appointment with Dr. Rod online or by calling Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery in Phoenix at (623) 535-7050.

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