Beautiful, Healthy Skin Awaits You with Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments at AZ Dermacare Plastic Surgery

If you think you’re alone in your skin troubles, consider this: Approximately 80 percent of people in the world deal with acne at some point in their life. Acne is caused by an excess of oil, or sebum, that’s produced by the glands that surround hair follicles. When too much sebum and skin cells clog the follicles, they become irritated and inflamed, resulting in those dreaded bumps — pimples, whiteheads, blackheads, and other lesions. For this reason, acne is more common among people who have oily skin, but it can affect people of all skin types. There are a number of treatments for acne — one of the newer ones is Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments.


This procedure is non-invasive and pain free, with full-face and neck treatments taking approximately 16 minutes. The Blu-U® acne light works with all skin types (I-VI) and it is just fine if you have a suntan! Blue light photodynamic therapy acts by killing acne causing bacteria. Phoenix patients simply sit comfortably in a chair while the light is applied to the affected area. Once the treatment session is over, patients can immediately return to their daily routine. This means no downtime or inconvenience, especially important factors for active teens and young adults.

If you’ve tried everything else to get rid of acne, and Blu-U® Light Acne Treatment sounds like a good option so far, contact the aesthetic professionals of Arizona Dermacare Plastic Surgery today. We can provide important facts and information to anyone considering this light based skin treatment. You can also schedule your free consultation to get started with your treatments at our office in Phoenix, Arizona today!

  • What are Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments?

    Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments are a faster solution to clearing up acne without the use of traditional oral and topical medications.

    Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments use light to kill acne bacteria, giving you faster and more noticeable results. This is an extremely safe treatment and it can control your acne or clear it up for a long period of time!


    To find out if Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments are right for you, contact the aesthetic professionals of Arizona Dermacare Plastic Surgery today. We can provide important facts and information to anyone considering this laser skin treatment.

  • How do Blu-U® Light with Levulan Acne Treatments work?

    During your Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments, your skin will be thoroughly cleansed before the application of the photosensitizing drug. This cleansing will help the skin absorb the drug more readily. Once your skin has been cleaned, a clear solution called aminolevulinic acid will be applied to the entire surface of the treated skin.


    The drug will need time to penetrate into the skin. The recommended period of time may from one hour to several hours. The area is then treated with a blue light for approximately 17 minutes.


    During the procedure, you may feel a burning sensation on certain parts of your skin, which can be alleviated by cold air or fans. Afterward, it will be extremely important to protect your skin from light for 48 hours, as it will be very light-sensitive. Avoid going out in the sun during this time if you can, but if you can’t avoid being outside, wear long sleeves and pants, a brimmed hat and a scarf, and thick zinc-oxide-based sunblock.

  • How often will I need to get Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments?

    We develop treatment plans based on individual Phoenix patient needs. Blu-U® treatments alone for acne should be done once or twice per week. The treatments may go on for five weeks or so. After some weeks, the blue light can control your acne, or clear it up for a very long period. It is important to keep recommended treatment appointments in order to see maximum results. We may choose to utilize several laser options for your treatment protocol.


    To get started on your treatment plan, contact Arizona Dermacare Plastic Surgery today. You can schedule an appointment at one of our two valley locations in Goodyear or Phoenix, Arizona.

  • Blu-U® Light Acne Treatment Candidates

    Most Phoenix residents can benefit from treatment. The Blu-U® has been proven to be very effective on mild to moderate inflammatory acne.


    Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments is not exclusive to teenagers, many young adults in their 20’s and 30’s have trouble with acne that is hard to control. If you have moderate acne and are uncomfortable taking antibiotics, or are unhappy with your current topical treatment results, Blu-U® blue light therapy — using light without drugs or antibiotics — may be something for you to try.

  • Blu-U® Light Acne Treatment Risks

    The Blu-U® treatment is very safe. The blue-violet light penetrates just deep enough into the tissue to reach the acne target. It only affects the P. acnes bacteria, not the normal tissue.


    For the first few days after treatment performed with Levulan, you may experience skin redness, irritation, and peeling, as well as mild discomfort that feels like a sunburn. If these symptoms persist or seem severe, contact the aesthetic team at Dermacare.

  • Blu-U® Light Acne Treatment Results

    For best results, we can customize an acne treatment program for you with a combination of Blu-U® treatments, microdermabrasions and/or chemical peels and home-care acne products.


    For more serious acne, such as cystic acne, or if excessive oil production is a major contributing factor, a topical photosensitizing agent (Levulan®) may be added to the Blu-U® light treatments. This combats acne in several ways and has numerous benefits:

    • Kills bacteria
    • Shuts down sebaceous glands
    • Unclogs pores by exfoliating skin
    • Re-texturizes the skin to smooth the appearance of acne scarring


    By addressing these root causes of acne through the use of (Levulan®) with Blu-U® light treatments, long-term reduction of acne can be obtained.

To find out if Blu-U® Light Acne Treatments are right for you, contact the aesthetic profssionals of Arizona Dermacare Plastic Surgery today. We can provide important facts and information to anyone considering this laser skin treatment. You can also schedule your consultation to get started with your treatments by contacting our office in the Phoenix, Arizona area today at (623) 535-7050!

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