Treatment for Those Hard-to-Reach Areas

A back facial works to treat acne, skin bumps and pustules, including black heads, pimples, rosacea, and skin inflammation. Your aesthetician will analyze your skin and determine which products will best achieve your goals for softer, clearer back skin.


The aesthetician will then use enzymatic steam to open up pores, deep clean and soften the skin, and relax the muscles. After the deep cleanse a microdermabrasion or exfoliation treatment is used to remove impurities such as dirt and grime, and imperfections or blemishes beneath the skin’s surface. Extractions are performed as needed to clear accumulated acne-causing bacteria and unblock pores; and if necessary, an antibacterial treatment is applied to soothe post extraction inflammation. The back is then massaged to enhance circulation and clean the skin from the inside.


After steaming and exfoliation, a medical-grade corrective mask is applied for acne and uneven pigment; the mask is then removed with steam or a hot towel. In some cases a resurfacing chemical peel is added for optimal results. To finish, a moisturizer is added to soften, heal, and protect the skin.

  • What are the Benefits of a Back Facial?

    A Back Facial from Arizona Dermacare Plastic Surgery can provide the following benefits:

    • Helps treat back acne
    • Rehydrates and revitalizes the back skin
    • Leaves the skin with a healthy, radiant glow
    • Reduces clogged pores
  • Who is a Good Candidate for a Back Facial

    Both Phoenix men and women are good candidates for this treatment. Not recommended for pregnant women since clients must lie on their stomachs during treatment.

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