The amount of men having cosmetic procedures is growing approximately 3% a year.  Like women, men want to look their best.  Dr. Rod explains why this might be.

Question: Are men interested in plastic surgery?

Dr. Rod: The amount of men having cosmetic procedures is growing approximately 3% a year. Like women, men want to look their best.

Question: What procedures are men having?

Dr. Rod: By far the most popular nonsurgical procedure is BOTOX® Cosmetic. That’s because it’s a household name and it provides great results. Liposuction is the most common surgical procedure I preform on men.


Question: Why do men want liposuction?

Dr. Rod: The ideal male physique is on the cover of every men’s fitness magazine. That type of body is the result of years of work and often extreme measures before the photo shoot. Nevertheless, men want “the ripped look” and liposuction provides the extra help they need when they can’t live in the gym.

Question: What type of liposuction is best?

Dr. Rod: Nothing compares to Tickle Lipo. Even fat that is impervious to diet and exercise is melted away with Tickle Lipo. Typically, men have fat removed from their abdomen, obliques, lower back, and chest. Men have a boost of confidence when their muscles and bodies are more defined and toned.

Question: What is the recovery time?

Dr. Rod: Patients have a quick recovery and return to full activity shortly after. A few men will plan their recover during their favorite sport playoff season such as March Madness!

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