Question: Is there anything I can do to make my lips fuller?

Dr. Rod: Yes! There are several aesthetic injectable products that can give you fuller lips. The most common is from the Juvèderm® family of products but they all use a form of hyaluronic acid. Some correct lip lines and downturn the corner of the month for a more youthful appearance.

Question: How do you make sure I don’t become “overdone?”

Dr. Rod: Nobody wants their lips to be disproportionately large. I want you to have full, youthful lips that look like they belong on you. This is done by listening to your goals and measuring the proportions on your face and lips.

Question: How much product should I get?

Dr. Rod: We’ll be able to determine this on your initial appointment. This can vary from half a syringe to three syringes of product. This consultation is complimentary.

Question: Does it hurt?

Dr. Rod: It does pinch for a moment but I think it’s easier than a dental visit. All the new lip injectables have the anesthetic lidocaine built into them so it numbs the area during the injection. We give you an ice pack to take home which soothes the area.

Question: How long does it last?

Dr. Rod: Every person is different but six months to a year is typical.

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