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Facelift Surgeon – Board-Certified With 10+ Years Of Experience

● Eliminate deep lines and wrinkles by tightening loose skin.● Appear youthful & refreshed while maintaining a natural-look.● We’ve helped countless patients reduce signs of facial aging by 10 to 15 years.● Multiple facelift options available to fit your goals.● Affordable monthly financing options available.

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Meet Dr. Reza Rod

● Over 10 years in practice helping patients enhance and rejuvenate their natural beauty.● Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.● Fellowship-trained through the World-Renowned Mayo Clinic in advanced cosmetic procedures.

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Our Approach To Facelift

Facelift plastic surgery is one of the leading cosmetic procedures done by Dr. Rod at our surgical center. It is also currently one of the most popular cosmetic surgery procedures nationwide for its innate ability to create aesthetically pleasing, dramatic, and natural-looking results in one session. The surgery requires the fine-tuned hands of a double board-certified plastic surgeon, such as Dr. Rod, who strives to achieve beautiful facelift results. Dr. Rod has a long-standing history of reputable work with client-desired results and has made facial enhancement surgery a primary focus of his practice. He combines the most advanced facial reconstruction and rejuvenation techniques to reverse signs of aging by 10-15 years, significantly reducing the appearance of sagging skin, wrinkles, and elasticity of the skin.

What Are the Key Benefits of Getting a Facelift?

A facelift:
● Rejuvenates a more youthful, firm facial contour● Helps to reverse facial aging signs from loose skin, jowls, wrinkles, and sunken cheeks● Offers dramatic and natural results without a “windblown” or “tight” look (only at Dermacare)● Is a highly customizable procedure with discrete incisions● Can reverse signs of aging by 10-15 years with a single treatment● Provides long-lasting and beautiful results.


Types Of Facelift

“Comprehensive” or Full Facelift

A full facelift procedure is recommended for patients who show advanced signs of aging and are looking for dramatic facial rejuvenation results in one procedure. Dr. Rod will use extensive surgical techniques to reposition deeper facial tissues and remove excess fat or sagging skin. A full-face lift dramatically smooths skin, redefines wrinkles, and achieves a more elegant jawline, chin, and facial aesthetic.

Lower Facelift

A lower facelift addresses the bottom third of the face (jowls, jawline, and neck) to correct deep wrinkles and relaxed skin that causes jowls and an undefined neck. Skin and unwanted fat by the neck and jawline are surgically repositioned to create a more contoured, smooth, and refined face and jawline. It is especially effective in correcting neck banding or the “turkey gobble neck” appearance due to hereditary factors and the natural biological clock.

Mini Facelift

Many patients opt to have a mini-facelift when facial signs of aging start to occur. This procedure is less invasive and can correct mild signs of aging by removal of excess skin and fat on a smaller scale. A mini facelift also helps to tighten loose facial muscles, creating a more firm, youthful, and rejuvenated look.

A Facelift Is Good For Patients Seeking To Correct The Following:

● A “double chin” or lack of jawline definition● Excess sagging or wrinkled skin● Poorly defined cheeks, sagging jowls● Lack of volume, firmness, drooping in cheeks● Marionette lines, “smile lines” on the side mouth● Decreased volume or elasticity (collagen) in facial tissues● Reduced self-confidence due to a tired-looking appearance

What Are The Costs Of A Facelift?

By and large, the price for a facelift surgery averages around $6,000 to $15,000 depending on the significance of the surgery. The surgeon’s fee, anesthesia, garments or supportive bandages, facility costs, antibiotics and pain medication, and medical testing costs are all considered within this price. For your convenience, our team will give you an exact price to include: the surgical fee, anesthesia, and facility costs.



“Dr. Rod did a beautiful job on my tickle lipo! His bedside manner was so wonderful and his office staff was also very kind. They gave me a goodie bag full of everything I would need post surgical too!!”

– Happy Patient


“Dr. Rod and staff took very good care of me before during and after my surgery. I’m so happy with my results so far. I’m excited to see as time goes on how better I’ll look. I will be going to back to do more and looking forward to it.”

– Happy Patient


“Love Dr. Rod and all the staff at Dermacare! Christina was so helpful and supportive in helping me to make the best choices for my needs. I’m pleased with my results and will continue to get health and beauty services from Dermacare. Thank you!!”

– Happy Patient


“I highly recommend Dr Rod and his staff. They are very professional, always explain everything and answer any questions that I had. I love my results and will definitely go back if I ever need anything else.”

– Happy Patient

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