Breast Ptosis Post Procedure - Female Torso in Brown Lace Bra

For Dr. Rod, providing his patients with self-confidence and pride in their bodies is important. With every patient he meets, his ultimate goal is to improve their overall well-being, and for many women, that means addressing their breast ptosis, or sagging breasts. This frustrating abnormality of the breasts can do a number on a woman’s psyche, as well as her physical body. Dr. Rod can help his patients who are suffering from breast ptosis by performing a breast lift, and if needed, a breast augmentation at the same time. This procedure will not only correct their sagging breasts, but it will also eliminate their embarrassment.  We want to make your appearance reflect your spirit.

What Exactly Is Breast Ptosis?

Breast ptosis is more commonly known by women as breast sagging. Some women experience breast ptosis due to weight loss, pregnancy, breastfeeding, genetics, and age. As life goes on, all women will experience some degree of breast ptosis, but not to worry! Dr. Rod can restore your sagging breasts by performing a breast lift.

The 5 Degrees Of Breast Ptosis

Before Dr. Rod schedules your breast lift surgery, he will first meet with you to examine your breasts and determine what degree of breast ptosis you have. The degree of ptosis is determined by how much a woman’s breasts are sagging below the inframammary (or breast) crease. This condition falls into one of the following categories:

  • Degree 1 (mild ptosis):

    This category of breast ptosis indicates a small amount of sagging of the breasts over the inframammary For this degree of sagging, Dr. Rod will likely choose to only perform a breast lift to raise the breasts back to their previous position.

  • Degree 2 (mild to moderate ptosis):

    When women in Phoenix are experiencing this type of breast ptosis, their nipple will sag below the breast crease, but above the lowest portion of the breast. For most women who have this degree of breast ptosis, Dr. Rod can provide restoration by performing a breast lift. But for others, he may recommend including a breast augmentation to accompany the breast lift.

  • Degree 3 (severe ptosis):

    For women who have severe ptosis, their nipple and areola will present below their breast crease, and bellow the lowest portion of the breast, and pointing downward. In order to provide relief for this degree of breast ptosis, Dr. Rod may recommend a breast lift combined with a breast augmentation with breast implants in order to give you the look you want.

  • Pseudo-ptosis:

    Sometimes women don’t experience sagging that includes their nipple and areola but sagging of the lower part of the breast instead. This type of breast ptosis often happens to women after they have stopped breastfeeding. Dr. Rod can perform a breast lift to correct this degree of breast ptosis, or a breast lift in conjunction with a breast augmentation to provide his Phoenix patients with breasts that are full and lifted.

  • Mild ptosis, asymmetry:

    This degree of breast sagging refers to women whose breasts are naturally positioned lower on the chest and is most often because of the way a woman developed during puberty. Dr. Rod can provide relief through a breast lift, or a breast lift and breast augmentation.

Dr. Rod Can Help

If you’re ready to find some relief from breast ptosis, call Dr. Rod today to schedule your initial consultation. He will be able to examine your breasts and develop a personalized treatment plan just for you. 

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