Sweating while you’re working out is expected, but sweating profusely out of the gym can be awkward. If sweating is bothersome it may be hyperhidrosis which is caused by excessive production of the sweat glands. According to Saint Louis University, it is estimated that approximately 7.8 million Americans suffer from excess sweating, also known as hyperhidrosis.

How does Botox treat excessive sweating?

When Botox is injected, it temporarily blocks the sweat glands drastically reducing perspiration. Eliminating hyperhidrosis does more than just reduce sweating; it reduces anxiety and embarrassment.

Do I need to have hyperhidrosis treatment?

That’s up to you and your Dermacare provider. Everybody sweats, especially in Arizona, but you may have hyperhidrosis if you can answer yes to these questions:

You’re frequently self-conscious about your sweating.

You keep emergency deodorants, washcloths, or clothes on hand in case your sweat too much.

Your perspiration interferes with your daily activities.

You change your clothes several times a day or want to.

Even the “Extra Strength” deodorants don’t make a noticeable difference.

Why Botox for excessive sweating?

Doctors noticed Botox stopped perspiration everywhere it was injected for wrinkles and one thing led to another. Today Botox is a common treatment for excessive sweating because it’s extremely effective, safe, and long lasting. In January 2017, Time Magazine did a story on the amazing uses of Botox and hyperhidrosis was one of them.

What areas can be treated with Botox for excessive sweating?

At Dermacare men and women get Botox Sweat Treatments for their armpits, palms, feet, and other areas. It typically takes less than an hour to finish the treatment.

How many Botox sweating treatments do I need and how often?

Only one session is typically required. Within a week patients see a huge reduction in their sweating. Allergan, the maker of Botox, claims that it stays effective for about 200 days but some patients say it lasts for as much as a year.

How do I learn more about treating excessive sweating with Botox?

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