Close Up of Breasts In Gray Lace BraWomen all over Phoenix have to deal with sagging breasts, and it’s certainly not something that provides much excitement or self-confidence. And while most women want those ever-coveted round, perky breasts, there’s not many of them who get to have (or keep) them. But sagging breasts, or breast ptosis, cannot be explained away with just one reason. In fact, there are many reasons why women experience breast sagging:

 1. Genetics

Unfortunately, Mother Nature is not always fair. Some women end up with breasts that sag as soon as they develop during puberty. Often, this type of breast sagging will present with nipples that point down toward the ground. For women who have been suffering from breast ptosis since their teens, they’ve only ever felt embarrassed or ashamed of the appearance of their breasts. Dr. Rod can perform a breast lift to restore this genetic imbalance and place the breasts higher up on the chest wall where they should be.

 2. Hormones

Outside of the hormonal changes that occur during puberty, a woman has many other hormonal changes through her life. During any one of these, including as late as menopause, a Phoenix woman can experience breast sagging. If you’ve experienced breast sagging as a result of hormonal changes, a breast lift can provide breast restoration and renewed self-esteem.

 3. Breastfeeding

This reason for sagging breasts is the most common among women in Phoenix. During pregnancy, the breasts stretch to make room for the milk their bodies will make once the baby is born. If a woman chooses to breastfeed, her breasts will fluctuate in size daily to accommodate milk production. Once breastfeeding is finished, most women are left with deflated, sagging breasts. Dr. Rod can perform a breast lift in conjunction with breast augmentation with implants to restore mom’s breasts back to their original position, shape, and size.

 4. Weight Loss

Most women who gain a lot of weight and then lose it, do so in their breasts in addition to other parts of their bodies. This drastic change in size leaves the skin on a woman’s breasts stretched, with nothing to fill the void. That’s where Dr. Rod comes in. He can perform a breast lift to provide weight loss patients with the body shape they’ve been working so hard to achieve.

 5. Aging

Another common culprit causing breast sagging is age. And unfortunately, we all age. As we do, our skin loses elasticity and can no longer support the weight of our breasts, which results in sagging as gravity takes over. By performing a breast lift, Dr. Rod can restore your breasts to a more youthful position.

Dr. Rod Of Dermacare Plastic Surgery Can Help

Dr. Rod has years of experience helping women all over the Phoenix area get the womanly figure they’ve been longing for.

If you are experiencing breast sagging and want to have a breast lift, call Dr. Rod so he can provide you with a consultation and individualized treatment plan. You can reach his office at (623) 535-7050 today!