Laser Skin Resurfacing PhoenixIf you’re in the Phoenix area and have been looking into non-surgical options to treat your signs of aging, Dr. Rod has just the option for you – Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing! This state-of-the-art laser skin resurfacing treatment can take care of your fine lines and wrinkles, age spots, and discoloration. And one of the most exciting benefits of the Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing system is that it only requires minimal downtime! In fact, once we have completed your treatment, you will only have 4-5 days of “social” downtime, which means that your new, beautiful skin will start to show through in less than a week.

For Dermacare Plastic Surgery patients who have laser skin resurfacing in our Phoenix area office, there are some important tips to follow to ensure your healing process goes as it should.

 1. Do Not Disturb Your Natural Dressing – Once your laser skin resurfacing treatment has been performed, your skin will create a natural dressing to protect your face and prevent wounds. This natural barrier is one of the biggest benefits of the Pearl Laser Skin Resurfacing treatment as it alleviates the need for wound care and decreases your healing time. That being said, you, should still be careful with your skin after you’ve had laser skin resurfacing. Do not scratch or scrub your face too hard or try to remove the natural dressing early. Once it’s ready, the dressing will fall off on its own.

 2. Stay Out Of The Sun – Dr. Rod understands that staying out of the Phoenix sun is easier said than done, but it’s very important to avoid sun exposure for several days after you’ve had laser skin resurfacing. Too much sun exposure during your recovery could lead to hyperpigmentation on your treated areas, so make sure your face is covered when you go out. In fact, it’s best to wear a loose, wide-brimmed hat to shade your face when you go out during the day.

 3. Use Proper Hygiene – Everyone knows that washing your hands regularly is important, but it is also an important practice to follow in order to protect your face after having laser skin resurfacing. Phoenix residents who visit Dr. Rod’s for this laser treatment should even wash their hands before washing their face. Other hygiene tips to consider include, keeping a clean pillowcase on your pillow after your treatment, avoid touching your phone to your face when making calls, and avoid touching your face with other objects that could introduce bacteria to your face, such as sunglasses and scarves.

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