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See for yourself why Tickle Lipo is being called "The Lipo Procedure of the Future"!

Just a Tickle

Infrasonic vibration interferes with your brain’s pain receptors which suppresses or blocks pain entirely, and feels like being tickled.

Faster Recovery

A unique “triple movement” cannula removes fat without causing trauma to the rest of your body so life is back to normal in days, not weeks.

Local Anesthesia

Safer than general anesthesia, you’re awake for the procedure so you can talk with your surgeon and maintain control of your body.

Let the plastic surgery experts of Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery help you make the right choice! The safe and effective way to remove fat and create “high-definition” sculpting. Tickle Lipo is ideal almost anywhere that you experience stubborn fat on your body, including: Abdomen, Hips, Inner and Outer Thighs, and Upper Arms! Dr. Rod is the most experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon in Arizona offering the revolutionary Tickle Lipo! Unlike standard liposuction, Tickle Lipo has a much shorter recovery time because it is performed under local anesthesia, and is minimally invasive. And, unlike laser liposuction, Tickle Lipo does not come with a risk of skin burns.

This advanced technology utilizes the effective power of vibration and rotation in such a gentle manner that anyone can now enjoy the benefits of Tickle Liposuction!

Dermacare’s Tickle Lipo procedure offers the following benefits:

  • Latest FDA-approved technology.
  • No general anesthesia.
  • Removes fat more effectively and more evenly.
  • Stay Cool Cannula– no risk of burning tissue.
  • Less bruising, little to no downtime.
  • In office (walk-in/walk-out) procedure.
  • 3-Dimensional vibration that gently breaks up and removes fat.
  • The vibration stimulates collagen to help with skin tightening.

The cutting-edge technology of Tickle Lipo is unique in that it generates a 3-dimensional vibration that breaks up fat. After the fat has been emulsified, it can then be removed with smaller, safer cannulas. Some patients have commented that they are tickled during the procedure due to the vibratory motion; thus, the name “Tickle Lipo”.

Unlike current liposuction techniques that utilize laser or ultrasound energy, the cannula used in Tickle Lipo stays cool, thus eliminating the risk of burning any tissue. Additionally, the hand piece has an automatic shut off when it approaches non-fatty tissue such as skin or muscle, thereby protecting the surrounding tissue from injury. These safety features enable Tickle Lipo to safely and more effectively remove fat and create “high-definition” sculpting.

Dr. Rod has many years of liposuction experience and has performed liposuction with many different types of equipment. In his experience, Dr. Rod has found the new Tickle Lipo to be the best technology currently available. He has performed Smart Lipo (laser), Vaser Lipo (ultrasound), PALS (power assisted), as well as conventional liposuction (in an operating room with general anesthesia). In his experience, none of these other methods of liposuction are able to break up and remove fat as safely, effectively, and evenly as Tickle Lipo.

Dr. Rod is the most experienced plastic surgeon in Arizona certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery offering the revolutionary Tickle Lipo. Do not allow others to fool you. When you’re selecting a surgeon to perform liposuction, be sure to ask which board he or she is certified by, and in what area he or she was surgically trained. You will be surprised to find the number of “cosmetic surgeons” who are “certified” by boards or associations that are not recognized by the only respected body for medical certification in America, the American Board of Medical Specialties. You may also be surprised to find “cosmetic surgeons” whose surgery training was in an area wholly unrelated to the art of plastic surgery. Any doctor, surgeon or not, may take a seminar in how to provide liposuction and call him or her self a “cosmetic surgeon”, but when it’s your body, you want a plastic surgeon certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery.

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