Caren Kunda | Injection Specialist | Our Team | Dermacare Cosmetic SurgeryCAREN KUNDA | LME, MA, CMLT

Although Caren is a Certified Laser Technician and Medical Aesthetician, she focuses on aesthetic injectables.  If you’re new to injectables, you’ll appreciate Caren’s patience, knowledge, gentle touch, and most of all how you’ll look.  Caren not only performs all the latest aesthetic injectables, she’s also had them herself.  When Caren recommends an injectable, she’s speaking to you as an experienced provider and as a savvy patient.

Her goal is to show a patient’s natural beauty with injectables. Caren says, “Just like anyone that’s never used Botox or fillers before, I was afraid of not looking natural.  When I realized how much more youthful people can look with injectables, I set out to learn everything I could about them.  In a few minutes of a patient’s time, she’ll look younger and more rested.  The more men and women learn about the instantaneous gratification that injectables provide, the more popular they become.  The long term results they get at Dermacare makes patients feverishly loyal to us.”

Make an appointment with Caren by calling 623-535-7050 or visit today for your free consultation to find out how cosmetic injections can enhance your facial features.

Some of the Aesthetic Injectables that Caren Preforms at Dermacare









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