Hand Rejuvenation Surgery | October 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

What is Hand Rejuvenation surgery?

If you’ve noticed that your hands are looking older than you feel, hand rejuvenation surgery is a rewarding and minimally invasive procedure to consider. You may see more veins and they may be more prominent than you remember. You may also see that the tendons in your hands are very noticeable.

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Breast Cancer Awareness | October 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

Dermacare BCA Month 2016

Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery asks you to join us in our support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month. Show your support by spreading awareness, by donating, by participating…

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Medical Grade Chemical Peel | September 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

What is a Medical Grade Chemical Peel?

Chemical peels are one of the most popular skin treatments performed today. They are used to treat a variety of skin issues like acne, wrinkles, discoloration and to maintain a glowing complexion.

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Brazilian Butt LIft with Tickle Lipo | June 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

The Better Brazilian Butt Lift with Tickle Lipo

One of the fastest growing trends in plastic surgery is the Brazilian Butt Lift. Patients are actively seeking to get curves in all the right places, and the buttocks are no exception. What is this trendy plastic surgery procedure anyway?

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Blu-U Light Treatment | April 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

How Does Blu-U Light Work?

Acne is a big problem for many people. Have you heard of Blu-U in the treatment of persistent to moderate acne? Used in combination with medical grade home skin care and other medical aesthetic treatments, the Blu-U can kill the bacteria and stop acne before it starts.

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Body Lift | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

What Is a Body Lift?

The Body Lift is a procedure that is meant to shape and tone the body. This is especially useful to have after significant weight loss, where extra skin is a problem. When you lose excess unwanted pounds, first of all congratulations! You worked very hard for a long time to achieve this feat, but you have probably noticed that your skin afterward can be much less firm. There is an answer to this problem. A Body Lift might be best for you to look into. Here is what you need to know about this popular procedure.

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