What is Volbella and how is it different from other “Juvederms?” Unless you have had injectables recently, you probably haven’t heard of Volbella. It’s new to the market but it’s part of the Juvèderm family which has been around for years.  It’s made by Allergan which also makes Botox.  Volbella is a new dermal filler injectable product for the lips and peri-oral area. Designed not only for gentle restoration of natural looking lip volume, it can also be used for defining lip contours, treating oral commissures, smoothing fine ‘barcode’ lines around the lips and supporting the ‘marionette’ lines down the chin. Volbella is the latest advancement in the Juvéderm range of facial fillers, developed specifically for your lips and mouth area. It is a smooth gel that is injected by your Dermacare provider, using an ultra-fine needle. It has been specifically developed as a smooth gel to give a soft, natural feel. The gel fills in lip lines and wrinkles while the hyaluronic acid within attracts and retains moisture. Like VOLUMA, Volbella was developed with VYCROSS™ technology to deliver a natural look and feel, with results proven to last up to a year. Because it also includes a local anesthetic, you […]

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Why Use a Keller Funnel in Breast Augmentation?

According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, there were 279,143 breast augmentation procedures performed every year.  Although there have been improvements to breast augmentation since the first breast implant procedure in 1962, the procedure can have complications.  The most common method of getting the implant into the pocket is the digit method.  This means that the surgeon’s fingers push and position the implant.  This increases the rate of complications like infection postoperatively.  The obvious solution is to never touch the implant to begin with!   To achieve the best results, Dermacare’s Dr. Rod and his surgical team have the highest level of experience with breast augmentation in Arizona.  They use the latest techniques and products like the Keller Funnel® 2 that make breast augmentation as safe as possible.   What is a Keller Funnel® 2? The Keller Funnel® 2 is a silicone gel implant delivery tool designed by a plastic surgeon to facilitate the implant placement procedure for both doctors and their patients.  Although it can be used for any type of implant, it’s best known for breast implant placement. Why does Dr. Rod use the Keller Funnel® 2? Dr. Rod chooses to incorporate the Funnel® 2 in his breast […]

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Tummy Tuck vs. Liposuction of Abdomen

A flat stomach is one of the most coveted features of men and women.  When we see a tight abdomen on a person we naturally assume that the person is healthy, exercises, and watches what he/she eats.  Unfortunately for most people, the stomach is the first area to show gained weight and the last to shape up.  If your waistline has stubborn fat, it’s hard to see the results of calorie counting and sit-ups.  A Tummy Tuck or Liposuction of the Abdomen are popular for these reasons Many patients come to Dermacare because they’re bothered by their protruding stomach.   Although most are interested in liposuction, some patients are better candidates for an abdominoplasty, more commonly called a tummy tuck.   Board Certified Plastic Surgeon Dr. Reza Rod evaluates every patient and discusses the pros and cons of each procedure.  Dr. Rod explains, “Although many get extraordinary results with Tickle Lipo, there are some patients that have so much excess skin that nothing less than an abdominoplasty will do.  A tummy tuck is more work than liposuction for me and the patient but sometimes it’s required to achieve a tight abdomen.” What’s the difference between a Tummy Tuck and Tummy Liposuction?  Liposuction […]

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A Mini Facelift is not a Substitute for a Facelift

Everybody wants results as easy as possible.  Fad facial procedures come and go just like trendy diets.  It’s easy to understand the appeal of alternatives to a facelift like a mini facelift.   After all, a facelift is a surgery that requires a big investment in time and money.  There are many products, treatments, and surgeries that misleadingly claim to be alternatives to a facelift.   Products that claim to offer facelift-like results don’t measure up to the real thing. Facial Surgery Fads There are many terms used to describe surgical facial rejuvenation.  It’s important to realize that many of these terms were concocted by marketers and not plastic surgeons.  An example of failed mini lift procedure was the Lifestyle Lift.  Although their infomercials were once omnipresent on weekend cable channels a few years ago, they are now out of business.  While in existence, it was pitched as a simple procedure like a haircut that could give instant gratification.  The ads left out that the doctors performing the procedure were not board certified plastic surgeons and that many of their patients had more than just the advertised procedure.  Today the company no longer exists and neither does the procedure. Several nonsurgical facial […]

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How does tickle lipo help with weight loss?

One of the most common New Year’s Resolutions is always weight loss.  In 2017, there are more diet and lipo options than ever to drop weight and get the body you’ve always wanted.  It’s not surprising the media is obsessed with weight loss.  More than two in three Americans are overweight or obese, according to the US Department of Health. It’s a paradox of our generation that we’re simultaneously obsessed with physical beauty and yet more overweight than ever.  Shows like The Biggest Loser may be reality TV, but they aren’t realistic.  Few people can take a six month break from their jobs and families to focus on their body.  Although weight loss is a result of healthy diet and exercise, many people need extra help from lipo to get the look they desire. In the real world, getting rid of problem areas can be almost impossible without liposuction.  An example of this, is the hit show Extreme Weight Loss which routinely shows the importance of plastic surgery as a component in a weight loss transformation.  If you have succeeded in losing weight, but have specific areas of problem fat, Dermacare’s Tickle Lipo procedure is a great choice.   What […]

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Lasting Beauty with a Lasting Facelift | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

Lasting Beauty with a Lasting Facelift

Smooth, taut facial skin is the hallmark of youthful looks. Unfortunately, age, gravity and other factors gradually take their toll. Our skin begins to loosen as we grow older, and exposure to the Arizona sun accelerates the aging process. Add other lifestyle factors such as smoking and alcohol consumption, and the effects can cause premature aging of the skin.

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Fotofacial | An Effective Treatment for Sun Damage That Requires Little to No Downtime | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

Effective Treatment for Sun Damage

Now that summer is over and suntans are fading, sun damage becomes more noticeable. Sun damage can make the skin appear dull and brown spots can appear on your face and upper chest.

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Breast Cancer Awareness Week | October 2016 Post | Arizona Dermacare Cosmetic Surgery

Dermacare BCA Week 2016

Join us this week and share our support for all the breast cancer patients and survivors whose faith, hope, and strength inspire others to fight the fight; and to all the caregivers and ‘bosom’ buddies who are right there with them. We will be offering live demos, exclusive offers and much more throughout the week.

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