Men are having more Liposuction

The amount of men having cosmetic procedures is growing approximately 3% a year.  Like women, men want to look their best.  Dr. Rod explains why this might be.

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Cherry Chocolate Facial Special

Mary has something special for you this February. Indulge in her Cherry Chocolate Facial to refresh and nourish your skin. It’s only $75 this month! Call 623-535-7050 and schedule with Mary at Dermacare! 🍒 

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Can Liposuction help me achieve my New Year’s Resolutions? 

Men and women often wait until their holiday parties and traveling are over until they see me.  Although liposuction shouldn’t be considered a weight loss procedure, my patients often become healthier after their procedure.  After my patients get liposuction, they are always motivated to eat better and exercise more. Fat is taken from problem areas that typically have been bothering the patient for years if not decades.  Once patients see their results, they want to stay that way.

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